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3 ways to hack down the editing weeds in Lightroom

Are you like me and have been editing one gallery after another with the occasional potty break that you "allow" yourself to get after you commit to editing those last 300 images?! Even though you've been telling yourself that for the past 5 hours.

We can all get hyper focused to finish an edit and let everything else fall by the wayside. But even if you don't allow yourself food or water to save time, unless you're incorporating a different variety of time saving hacks within your workflow it's never going to matter.

Here are my 3 easiest time saving hacks to try so you can go take those potty breaks without the guilt 😆


I got this tip from following another photo editor because where do you learn the best nuggets? From your peers, from each other because we're all trying new things.

I've tried this hack and it's definitely been a time saver. This really works well with smaller sessions such as engagements, family, bridal etc. Because think about it. Usually the last few images of a certain pose is where everyone is falling comfortable into their stance and smile. So start at the very end of a session and find the gems quicker.


This actually has to be my favorite hack. How many times have you gotten all the way through to the end of the reception and you realize you have 500 plus more images of a reception to do.

I decided to try this hack and it was definitely a game changer. I had more than half of the wedding edited and it felt like the rest was an easy downhill from there. Do I always do this? Not always, it depends on the catalog but having ways to add variety in what sometimes can be mundane really triggers a breath of fresh air.

Pro tip - Make time in your schedule to edit a big catalog over 2 or 3 days. Edit the reception, come back the next day fresh and finish the rest!


The best set up for editing ease is a really well organized Lightroom Catalog. Everything is in consecutive order and you don't have reception details popping up in the groom's getting ready area.

Try making editing goals. Edit all the getting ready photos and then go take a break for an hour or two. Or whatever you can do. Every section that you complete will give you those small wins and a sense of progress.

Collections are also another way to organize into group. Create a collection for each event of the day. IE. Bride getting ready, Groom Ready, Formals, First look etc. Once these images are put into little groups go and edit each collection. Seeing just a certain section of images at a time is less overwhelming and you can see the count of images in a collection. Which is such a mindset shift!


This year I also tried a new software to help speed up my editing and offer a little change up in how I'm using my hands. I have been editing over 20 years which has become a toll on my right arm, wrist and shoulder. Let's just say that entire right side is jacked. There wasn't a push back in the day for ergonomic workspaces. But I digress.

Moving on. There is a new app called Powerkeys that was created by a fellow photo editor. It basically is a plugin for Lightroom that allows you the ability to create your own shortcut keys for every adjustment in Lightroom. Sliders and keys!

Here's a little snap shot of mine so you get the idea.

What has this allowed me to do?

-Use less mouse and more keyboard

- Make smaller adjustments and tweaks

-Allows me to bounce between panels and sliders without having to click

You get free trial so why not give it a go? I will say it did take me some time to fully get used to and anything new can seem frustrating but that muscle memory comes quick. I was all about the Shuttlepro and it is still a good tool, but I found this gives me more control, speed and again a way to change up my hand usage in Lightroom.

I am not an affiliate this is just me sharing my experience and nuggets with you! But I wouldn't mind being one ha!

Let me know if you end up trying any of these Lightroom post production hacks! I'd love to hear if they become wins for you too!

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