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Below you‘ll find a comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions and workflow details. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help out.


I do not offer trial runs at this time. However I do provide up to 50 complimentary image edits within our first catalog together. 


The photographers I currently edit for have been photographing for 3 or more years. They have a defined editing style that's clean, classic, artistic and candid. They are experts in lighting and are consistent when it comes to white balance. They have a defined style across their brand. They time sync cameras and have a catalog with images organized in chronological order. 


I do offer editing services for smaller sessions such as portraits, branding, bridal and engagements for current wedding clients only.


I do offer culling services with a max image count of 3,500 images received. I suggest adding culling services after the first few catalogs we work on together because that allows me some time to see your style and preferences of what type of images and number you keep. I flag the select images and will send the entire catalog back so you are able reflag anything I may have missed easily.


I use the most up to date version of LR Classic CC. I use LR Smart Previews and utilize WeTransfer to exchange our files. To keep our workflow seamless you must have the most up to date version of LR Classic CC as well.Lightroom 11 users I am still able to accommodate however, this may limit the ability to request custom add-ons for anything that requires masking/spotting.


All accepted credit cards through Stripe. Payment must be rendered prior to starting a project. This ensures timely delivery for your edits.


I currently only offer basic color correction in LR for catalog sessions using Smart Previews.I do not offer Photoshop retouching at this time but I can put you in touch with some great referrals! I do offer Photoshop education should you need a little help finessing and speeding up your retouching.


I only require you to sign an agreement that outlines all the fancy terms and expectations in legal lingo. This is a non-binding agreement and either party can part ways at any time. I only ask you provide a 30 days notice so I am able to reevaluate my client list.

09. Rushes - 20% - 50%

A rush is considered any requested turn around time less than 7 business days, 50% additional fee during peak seasons, 20% outside of busy seasons. Always feel free to reach out to me first, I'm on your team and if the queue is slow let's chat about it. Culling is not available for rushes.

Requirements for rush catalogs - culled and sorted in chronological order. If using collections, images in collections should be in order across all cameras. If using folders, images must be in order across all cameras while viewing in the "All Photographs" tab. This may require you to sort and rename filenames.

10. Multiple Catalogs Sent

Catalogs sent within less that 7 days of each other each get their individual turn around time . When the first catalog is complete the second catalog starts their standard turn around time (7-12 business days). Requested rush for multiples may incur a rush fee of 20-50%.

11. Turn Around Time

Standard turn around time is up to 14 business days. Culling services add an additional 3-5 business days. Catalogs 200 images or less have a turn around time of up to 5 business days.


Peak Seasons -

Expect max turnaround times

11. Unsynced Cameras

The most efficient and way I am able to ensure consistent color is receiving a catalog that has synced cameras and all the events/images of the day are in chronological order. ie. Brides getting ready, groom getting ready, pre ceremony formals etc. If you are using collections or folders, the images need to be in order. 

Catalogs that are not in order are subject to a $50 fee. 

12. Anchors/Reference Images

Everyone's eye for color, style and preferences are different. This is why I require anchor/reference images set by you prior to sending me a catalog. I recommend at least 10% of the catalog has anchor images. An anchor for each lighting scenario, any special set that needs to have a more unique artistic feel, and reception area. I mention reception for a reason, because many seem to leave that out, but everyone's reception feel is different. Do you like more contrast, less warm or closer to SOOC.

If anchors are not provided for a large amount of area, I will edit using my discretion and match to the best of my ability but this could allow for more adjustments on your end at delivery.

13. Communication + Feedback

Things can get crazy hectic as we all know, but I work to commit to replying within a 24-48hr time period. Communication and our relationship is numero uno for me and if I am available I will always chime in as quickly as possible no matter the time. I know things happen, technical issues happen, and just running behind happens. So please never hesitate to send me an email when you need. 

Feedback is the ultimate key in growing a successful editing partnership. I rely on advancing my quality and minimizing your need for adjustments from feedback and critiques that you provide to me. I offer a variety of channels for feedback. Email, loom screen recording and live scheduled zooms. 

More questions? I got you!

Send them my way:)

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